Dr Hazel Jackson

Science Director at Animal Free Research UK.


Hazel is an evolutionary conservation geneticist who joined Animal Free Research UK as their Science Director in July 2018. Prior to her scientific career, Hazel accidentally spent 8 years as a management executive in the Civil Service. During her academic career Hazel specialised in developing and using non-invasive molecular approaches to inform wildlife conservation.

Hazel is best known for her work with wild ring-necked parakeets, and was co-founder of a pan-European network of researchers, policy makers and practitioners. In her role as Science Director for Animal Free Research UK, Hazel works closely with the research community to fund innovative pioneering animal replacement science. This funding aims to support scientists to develop human models for human disease and make animal experiments redundant in biomedical research.

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Dr Helena Kandarova

My main scientific interest is in tissue engineering of reconstructed in vitro 3D organotypic models that are used for in vitro toxicity testing.  I have unique expertise in development of in vitro assays with 3D tissue models, their validation and implementation into the regulatory toxicology and OECD Test Guidelines.

I've been a part of many exciting scientific as well as business projects and gained invaluable managerial and business skills.

I posses extensive experience in planning, conducting and managing in vitro studies used for risk and safety assessment of chemicals, cosmetics, medical devices and household products.

The main goal of my work is to reduce and replace animal based methods used in toxicology and pharmacology by innovative, more reliable techniques and tools that the modern science is offering these days.

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