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Novel Models for Studying Neurological Diseases - The ACTC




Professor Geoff Pilkington BSc PhD CBiol FRSB FRCPath

Emeritus Professor of Cellular and Molecular Neuro-oncology, University of Portsmouth

Geoff is a Past-President of the British Neuro-oncology Society and past Honorary Treasurer and Executive Board Member of the European Association of Neuro-oncology.  He also holds membership of the British Neuroscience Association, the British Neuropathological Society (formally a committee member and Programme Secretary), the Society of Neuro-oncology, and the European Association for Cancer Research.



Keynote Speaker


Professor Roxana O Carare MD, PhD

Professor of Clinical Neuroanatomy, Equality and Diversity Lead

Roxana Carare is a medically qualified Professor of Clinical Neuroanatomy and experimental neuropathology in the University of Southampton. Having graduated in general medicine in 1994 in Bucharest, Roxana completed her PhD in experimental neuropathology in 2006, in the University of Southampton, UK. The main international recognition for Roxana Carare has come from the neuroanatomy and neuropathology interdisciplinary research she leads, demonstrating the unique lymphatic drainage pathways by which fluid and soluble amyloid are eliminated from the brain along basement membranes within the walls of cerebral capillaries and arteries (Intramural Periarterial Drainage Pathways, IPAD).



The Presenters


DR Prospero Civita

Senior Research Associate

University of Portsmouth

Towards  a 3D all human in vitro model of glioblastoma multiforme for drug screening: glioblastoma and astrocyte interactions?

Ms Jo Brown

PhD Student

University of Cardiff

HiSpots®: A novel 3D model for the study of glioblastoma using ex vivo human tissue

Ms Magda Gerigk

PhD Student

University of Cambridge

Hijacking pre-existing blood vessels – a microfluidic approach to studying brain tumour progression


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