Research interests

1. Micro- and Nanobubbles for the treatment of : Cancer, bacterial infection, as we ll as for oxygen delivery.

In particular we have developed a microfluidics platfform for the delivery of therapeutic agents. We are also developing on chip systems for studying therapeutic delivery to organoids for pancreatic, colorectal and bladder models.

2. Single Cell Phenotyping.  Here we are using using molecular deformation, Raman spectroscopy and surface acoustic wave dielectrophoresis for the manipulation and characterisation of cells at the single cell level - in high throughput.

3. Nanotubes and Nanorods. We are developing novel  nanomaterials for applications in photothermal treatment and imaging of cancer.

4. Lipid Membranes. We use model lipid membranes for developing our understading the membrane proteins, in particular we are interested in the fcGR.

5. Lipid Coated liquid crystal biosensors. We are using lipid coated LC droplets as self-amplification systems for the detection of bacterial infection

Areas of expertise: lipid membranes; microbubbles; drug delivery; nanoparticles; microfluidics; single cell phenotpying; surface characterisation; raman spectroscopy; XPS; ellipsometery.