ACTC CARDIFF promises to be a great event with a scientific programme lined up with something for everyone, whether you're a PhD student, Post Doc, Primary investigator or Professor, Research Scientist, Senior Scientist, Scientific Manager or Department Director.


Tuesday 4th June


Advanced Cell Culture; 3D, Fluid Flow & Co-culture

9:30 - Ms Lauren Hyndman (University of Glasgow)

Mathematical modelling to guide experimental protocols for in vitro drug testing

9:50 - Ms Abigail Martin (University of Hertfordshire)

Immunocompetent human airway in vitro models for quantitative chemical assessments

10:10 - Dr Elisa Moschini (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology)

3D-tetraculture system at the air-liquid interface as a valuable tool for respiratory irritation and inflammation: case study using different silver-based nanomaterials

10:30 - Dr Victoria Kearns (University of Liverpool)

Development of Complementary in vitro and computational models of Drug Delivery Across the Outer Blood-Retinal Barrier

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11:30 - KEYNOTE: Dr Uwe Marx (TissUse GmbH)

From organ-on-a-chip tools towards patients on chips – enforcing a paradigm shift in drug development

12:00 - Dr Anwar Palakkan (University of Edinburgh)

Embryonic stem cell derived anatomically realistic kidney organoids

12:20 - Professor Aline Miller (University of Manchester)

Engineering 3D Physiological Models and Cell Scaffolds using Self-Assembling Peptides; from lab to commercialisation

12:40 - Dr Elisa Budyn (Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan)

3D bone self-assembly in a bone-on-chip

----------------------------- 13:00: LUNCH -----------------------------

14:00 - Dr Adithya Sridhar

Gut organoid monolayer model for infectious diseases research

14:20 - Dr Jan Markus

Drug Toxicity and Permeability Screening Using a 3D Reconstructed Human Small Intestine Tissue Model

14:40 - Dr Chiara Maria Mazzanti (Fondazione Pisana per la Scienza ONLUS)

Fluorescence intensity and lifetime imaging microscopy with the phasor approach to assess treatment response and disease progression of glioblastoma patient-derived organoids

15:00 - Professor Andrew Mearns Spragg (Jellagen)

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15:40 - Keynote: Professor Roxana O Carare (University of Southampton)

Using quasi-vivo as a system for testing new therapeutic targets in Alzheimer’s disease

16:10 - Dr Prospero Civita (University of Portsmouth)

Towards a 3D all human in vitro model of glioblastoma multiforme for drug screening: glioblastoma and astrocyte interactions?

16:30 - Ms Jo Brown (University of Cardiff)

HiSpots®: A novel 3D model for the study of glioblastoma using ex vivo human tissue

16:50 - Ms Magda Gerigk (University of Cambridge)

Hijacking pre-existing blood vessels – a microfluidic approach to studying brain tumour progression

-----------------------------17:10: DAY 1 FINISH -----------------------------


Wednesday 5th June

9:00am: DAY 2 BEGINS

In Vitro Models for Animal Replacement

9:00 - Dr Jan Turner (Safer Medicines Trust)

Human relevant in vitro models – barriers, initiatives and progress towards replacing animal methods in drug discovery

9:20 - Dr Pascale Guillot ( UCL)

Replacing the use of animals to study bone fragility

9:40 - Dr Marta Rutka (Promega, UK)

Factors to Consider for Developing In Vitro Cytotoxicity Assays to Replace Animal Testing

10:00 - KEYONTE: DR Helena Kandarova (SETOX)

Can we rely on the predictions derived from in vitro reconstructed human tissue models ?

----------------------------- 10:30am: COFFEE BREAK -----------------------------


11:00 - KEYNOTE: Professor Stephen Evans (University of Leeds)

Cells Under Stress: Microfluidic Determination of Single Cell Behavior and it's Potential for Aiding Diagnosis and Treatment.

11:30 - Ms Lekha Shah (University of Manchester)

Tumour progression in metastatic breast cancer cell lines: engineered in vitro models

11:50 - Dr Beate Rinner (Medizinische Universität Graz)

Metastatic melanoma during pregnancy - MUG-Mel3 cell line - an in vitro model

12:10 Dr Kathryn Bagot (BioIVT)

Development of a novel human in vitro 3d model for evaluating anti-cancer drugs

----------------------------- 12:30: LUNCH -----------------------------

13:30 - KEYNOTE: Professor Marilena Loizidou (University College London)

Tumouroids: complex 3d cancer mimetics for the assessment of drug efficacy

14:00 - Dr Dania Movia (Trinity College Dublin)

Multilayered Cultures of NSCLC cells grown at the Air-Liquid Interface allow the efficacy testing of inhaled anti-cancer drugs

14:20 - Dr Karen Pilkington (University of Portsmouth)

Interim findings from the SAToRI-BTR (A Systematic Approach To Review of In vitro models in Brain Tumour Research) project.

14:40 - KEYNOTE: Professor John Greenman (University of Hull)

Patient tissue on chip – a personalized medicine option?

----------------------------- 15:10pm: COFFEE BREAK -----------------------------

15:40 - KEYNOTE: Professor Trevor Dale (University of Cardiff)

The practical challenges of using organoids in drug discovery

16:10 - Dr Suzanne Randle (AstraZeneca, UK)

Recent developments in in vitro models to assess haemtox risk of novel cancer therapeutics

16:30 - Dr. ir. Eirini Velliou (University of Surrey)

Engineering a novel versatile 3D tool for accelerating cancer therapies from bench to bed: A case study on pancreatic cancer

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